Many women all over the world are now of an opinion that because of wearing heels for long times, they have felt a little discomfort and they find it very hard to walk easily at many occasions because the heels leave their feet sore. Here is a solution, there are wedge heel shoes wholesale nowadays, they are a totally different set of shoes that give the same benefit as heels but are much more safe and comfortable at the same point. Many women are now shifting from heels to wedges and that is because of the great advantages that wedges have over heels. Some of them are even explained in this article so that people can be made aware of the new trends so that they do not shy away when they are asked to wear wedges rather they do that with full confidence that they have right then as a matter of fact then.

Starting with, wedges are stable, they do not make the balls of the feel sore or put any strain on them, making it very easy for the women who wear wedges to stand, walk run or perform any sporty activity for that matter. Many wedges that are being made nowadays have cushions, that makes the feet of the women safe and secure from being sore because of the ground at any point in time. Unlike heels the wedges have a rubber sole and so it is rather easy to walk in wedges than it is in heels.

Wedges let women embrace themselves in a way that they promote a wider footprint that means that unlike heels the whole pressure of the body is not on the pinky finger of the feet of the women rather on the whole foot. That makes it very easy for the foot to be balanced and like the women are more prone to falling, there is no such scenario in wearing heels at all then. Another benefit of choosing wedges as the footwear is that they are fashionable and very much in to trend these days. And also women are seen to have been wearing wedges with almost any kind of suit or dress or any clothes that they wear. They are so versatile and look outstanding with almost everything that a woman might want to wear wedges with.

Unlike heels, a wedge does not have you in a fear of having a broken ankle because of the heel being so high that you could not even walk properly, let alone walking it was hard for you to balance yourself then as well. Having all the benefits of heels but the extra benefit of no fear of falling over is the best thing that a woman could get form the world. Having a sale of wedges is also a good thing as now you can get them at a lower cost than you imagined previously as well.