It is a sweet liquid form made by the bees using flower nectars. It comes from different colors, clear to golden amber. It has a variety of flavor depending on which flower nectar was harvested. It was commonly best known as liquid gold syrup that has lots of health benefits. Every household normally has a bottle of honey suppliers and each family member except for babies can take a spoon of it every morning just like taking normal vitamin syrup. Through the years, science and technology were able to study and discovered more of its uses.


Honey was proven to have lots of medicinal uses and beneficial to human’s health. According to some research it has been used for over 5000 years already in the field of medicine.

From the usual treatment of coughs and colds taking this golden syrup can help you get through with cough and cold. Even World Health Organization recommends it as a natural treatment for coughs. However, it is strongly advised not to use it for children below one year old.A daily dose of this syrup is also believed to help human fight infection. According to some studies, it can help to prevent bacteria to enter human bodies. A research made in Lagos, Nigeria suggests that medicinal honey Australia also has ability to block pathogens that causes to have diarrhea. It can also be used in healing wounds and burns. Applying it directly to your skin is considered as a first aid treatment to heal burns and wounds

Kitchen Aid

Honey’s natural sweetness can be a healthy substitute to sugar in cooking, baking or even juicing. For breakfast, it feels so good to have plain yoghurt mixed with organic honey. You can add it also to your favorite teas, smoothies and shakes. Home made honey mustard dressing is a great idea as well for your green leafy salad mixes. In baking, you have to adjust your recipe when you’ll use it instead of sugar as it tends to make the baked product looks golden brown quickly. Just remember that a half cup of the golden syrup is equivalent to one cup of sugar.

Health and Beauty

Aside from being a food sweetener, honey can makes your body and skin healthy. Achieving a glowing skin and a healthy body is possible with the use of it. It moisturizes skin, treats and prevents acne; reduce the chance of having dandruff, kills bacteria that causes body odor and bad breath. Lots of products have been added with the liquid gold syrup to achieve that youthful glow everyone’s been dreaming of.


Ever wonder why you’re having a hard time to fall asleep at night? A lot of individuals have been facing insomnia every night. Though with different reasons, only one possible solution can help you deal with it, it’s the use of honey. Scientists suggest that taking food rich in tryptophan and serotonin helps you feel relax at night. The golden syrup is believed to be containing tryptophan that’s why consuming it before bedtime will help you have a good sleep.