How I Caught My Cheating Husband!

3 Stories From 3 Victims.

Caught CHeating 1
I was in your shoe two years ago. If your husband shows he is sorry, I would give him another chance. I beleive in forgiveness but God does not want us to be doormats. I regret giving my husband another chance (after 3 affairs) because two years later, I still have alot of bitterness for allowing myself to let him in again. If it's his first time, it could be a mistake, but if it's been more than once, it could be selfishness and a character flaw which is hard to fix.

Caught Cheating 2
A response from the other woman. Check there cell phone bills!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been with this married professor for 11 years now, and have been baffled considering the endless hours we have spent on our cell phones that she hasn't a clue. Also, he will never tell the truth. If you want the truth, call the mistress.

Caught Cheating 3
She had suspected her husband of cheating for a long time, she recognized the little clues much like anyone else would, she though he was seeing her while he was supposed to be at work and had reason to believe they went out together in his car, thatís the family car.

So one day while her husband and herself where out in his car she pretended she needed a tissue, cursing that she didnít have any herself and to the fact that there were not any in the car. She then told him he needed to put a box of them in his car, just for this type of emergency. The next day she told him she had bought him a box while out shopping and she went out and put it on the parcel shelf above the back seats with the undetectable camera facing the front, and hid the recorder in the box as well.

The next day before her husband left for work she turned on the camera and recorder. When the husband picked up his girlfriend he had no idea all his antics were being recorded.

Her husband returned home that evening completely unaware that his wife had recorded his every move.

When she finally accused him of having an affair, which incredibly, he actually denied having, she then confronted him with the video evidence she had recorded. That is when the denials finally stopped.

He had been Caught Red Handed by a Tissue BoxÖ.